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Child Centred Learning

The cornerstone of the work of the For Under Fives nurseries is child centered learning. Our aim is to encourage an interest in learning using direct experiences to develop concept, acquire skills and use language effectively. The children will then be able to make reasoned judgments and solve problems with increasing independence and maturity. Staff nurture positive relationships between children and adults in a welcoming, secure and ordered environment to achieve optimum development whilst having fun. We believe stimulation to all round development is achieved through the provision of a wide range of equipment, materials and activities. Our curriculum planning is designed to meet all the desirable learning outcomes and the requirements of OFSTED.

We operate a system of keyworkers who tend to the education and care of a small family of our children. The family comprises children of mixed ages between 2-5 offering a learning opportunity for younger children to acquire skills from their elders and older children to be role models. This keyworker system offers continuity of care, a consistent face for children, and a regular point of contact for parents/carers.

Keyworkers maintain development charts of the children, enabling early identification of children's particular needs, which in turn empowers staff to introduce appropriate intervention and support when necessary to encourage children to progress. These are shared formally and informally with parents on a regular basis. It is our philosophy to operate an open door policy within the nursery and encourage real partnership with parents, staff and other professionals. We aim for continuity through development charts and observations. This uniforms planning. Our curriculum is based on early learning goals and the children are working towards the Foundation Stage.

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